The Moorfield Hotel

Brae, Shetland

Set on the shores of Brae, the Moorfield Hotel is now the largest hotel on Shetland. The hotel comprises 100 guest rooms, lounge, bar, restaurant, meeting facilities and fitness suite. Private kitchen/dining rooms are also provided for long stay residents working in the gas industry. Built using prefabricated SIPS modules, completion was achieved within 5 months of delivery of the bedroom modules to site. The hotel was constructed off-site in Northern Ireland to allow the Contractor to work efficiently over the inclement winter months. The hotel was formed using 105 individual modules that were fully furnished prior to dispatch. The modules were then shipped to site where they were installed prior to the installation of external finishes.

Using a contemporary vernacular style the design uses the colours and forms of local materials and topography as well as inspiration from tradition local features such as chimneys and gables. A visual study of the existing built forms on the Shetland Islands and the examination of a number of precedents led to the design response. These include a predominance of gables, chimneys and roofs set within the landscape, a simple palette of materials – stone, render, slates with muted colours and half storey dormers.  The form is accretive and asymmetric to appear more vernacular and apposite to its rural context.

A fresh and light approach has been taken to the design of the guest rooms, incorporating innovative storage solutions suitable for long stay guests. Materials are robust, however retain a level of comfort and warmth ensuring guests feel at home. The public spaces of the hotel are warm and welcoming. The reception area sets the tone with the use of natural materials and artwork evocative of the local landscape.