Holiday Inn Express – Gen 4

O’Connell street, Dublin

This development is our first hotel in the Republic of Ireland and, upon completion, opened to excellent reviews. Once a disused and decaying 1970’s office building, the hotel is now one of the most popular and highly rated hotels in Dubin. This 198 bed hotel is one of the very first of InterContinental Hotel’s Generation 4 Holiday Inn Expresses. 

In order to integrate the new hotel into its context and mark its positive presence to this dominant corner site on one of Dublin’s most iconic streets, we re-clad the existing façade with a granite rainscreen system, echoing the existing historic materiality in this location.

The existing glazing has been replaced with a high quality curtain wall glazing system , articulated by breaking up the large areas of glazing into smaller elements to be more reflective of the scale of the street. The window reveals have been highlighted with white frames, referencing the prominent reveals of the local Georgian architecture and reinforcing a verticality on the building, which it previously lacked.