Church of the Nazarene


The Church of the Nazarene was founded in 1906 and by 1907 a new building was erected to house the congregation, situated on Burgher Street, Parkhead.

Following the expansion of partnerships between the church and other groups and key community organisations within the local area in recent years, it was decided to construct a new church on the existing site which would allow flexibility in terms of future accommodation and expansion in terms of the wider community. The aspirations for the new church building were to provide flexible accommodation, reflect the ministry and values, interact and be welcoming to the community and also to provide better visibility on Burgher Street towards Parkhead Cross.

The success of the building required the key elements of scale, landscaping, civic appearance and materiality to be fully addressed, while also providing a two storey height sanctuary to accommodate up to 200 people, which would also function as a multi-use hall with kitchen facilities, office, meeting rooms and a crèche.

The two storey building onto Burgher Street relates to the tenemental street proportions with large glazed openings, and a side multi-function courtyard and entrance that presents a far more domestic scale of architecture. The double height sanctuary with tapered roofscape sits within the rear of the site and is expressed internally by its exposed timber glulam portal structure. The lightness of the sanctuary is achieved by a large bank of roof lights, and glass blocks at low level.